Simple Rustic Pallet Wall Shelf


A wall shelf is superb way of covering the blank space in your room. When beautifully designed an decorate a simple rustic pallet wall shelf can add lot of character to the entire room. The shelf can help you place your magazines, books , pictures an decoration items all in one place. This simple wall shelf made from pallets can be the focal point of bedroom. Very few pallets have been cut and joined and painted with due care of color combination for making this chic and trendy pallet shelf. Giving a touch of rustic appeal with blue color the shelf is itself magnificent speaking of imaginative thinking.

Simple Rustic Pallet Wall Shelf

Pallet crafts are very trendy and easy to make. This pallet shelf is true picture of amazing craftsmanship. Just think of amazing pallet projects an keep your guests amazed by beautifying your home with pallet creations. The boards are kept a little uneven for natural finish and color is applied for contrasting effect.  The pallet shelves play immense role in house by offering the purpose of both decoration and storage. They are free to be hanged anywhere and become perfect display of your memorable pictures. Being very cost effective it is great alternative to fancy wall shelves available in market.Pallet Wall Shelfs

Trashed and recycled pallets can be transformed into amazing an unique pieces. This simple rustic pallet wall shelf will change the look of your living room. Make the best use of every nuke and corner of your house as this shelf will enhance the space available. While keeping in view the house interior,go for this trendy wall shelf adding stylish appeal to the wall. Wooden products look vintage and are very expensive so this pallet shelf is nice choice as decorative accessory. Place crystal vases, photo frames an mirrors for making it even more appealing.
Pallet Wall Shelf Ideas Pallet Wall Shelf

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