Pallet Compost Bin Ideas


If you are a gardener and grow new plants every year then you just can’t deny the importance of compost. We use two types of compost, organic or inorganic. I don’t think that we need to go in detail while talking about the compost material, what is the matter of concern right now is that how do you store it. In the larger green landscapes, we have to arrange for the larger amounts of compost, so arranging or preserving the compost for longer time periods could be the matter of concern. In this article we are going to discuss various pallet wood compost bin ideas.

Wood Pallet Recycled Compost Bin

We are beginning with this large and pretty spacious compost bin. This has three large segments or portions, it has netting on the front, and a large door is fixed on the top of the compost bin recycled with wooden pallet. In the door we have used the discarded metallic door.
Recycled Pallet Compost Bin

In some of the earlier projects we had recycled some storage chests or boxes using the wood pallet planks. So this one seems to be largely influenced from those pallet chests. It has a simple box that is covered with the same wooden pallet door.
Patio Pallet Compost Bin

This is a grand open compost hub, this is a bit too large to be named as a bin I think. This reminds me of the large food containers in the stables. But here we have designed and recycled it primarily as a wood pallet compost bin.
Pallet Garden Compost Bin

Wow, the next one compost bin is quite exciting. It has got an interesting design which makes it pretty efficient to be used as a multi purposed wooden product. You can use it to store some compost material, and also as a wooden table while sitting in your green landscape.
Eco Friendly Pallet Compost Bin

This one looks cool as we have used some of the freshest pallet wood planks in upcycling this compost bin. This is again a grand compost bin with much much available space. Having this large compost bin means that all you space issues for compost bin are dealt with very smartly.
Pallet Compost Bin Projects

Well, how would you comment about this one. To me this could also be a garden décor art craft, as it follows a certain pattern that can be categorized as some art inspired thing. But its ultimate purpose is the compost preservation, and again the good thing is that it was recycled using the same shipping wood pallets.
Pallet Compost Bin Ideas

And this is something like enclosed wooden area, apparently it could be perceived as a house for pet birds, but this is basically designed in such a manner that larger amounts of compost could be stored here at the same time.
Pallet Compost Bins

And lastly this one is a large isolated junk area where you can accumulate some piles and piles of compost for some later use as well. But the good thing is that the entire enclosed area is created using the same pallet wood that has been the theme and main focus of our entire article.
Wooden Pallet Compost Bin Pallet Compost Bin Outdoor Pallet Compost Bin Upcycled Pallet Compost Bin Wood-Pallet-Compost-Bin Recycled Wood Pallet Compost Bin

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