Design Decorative Shelf with Pallet

Simple and easy designing of decorative shelf with the help of pallets and some other tools.

Design Decorative Shelf with Pallet 3

If you have some pallets in the backyard, get ready to use them in a creative way and get additional storage space. You can design a stylish decorative shelf for the walls of your home. If you are bored with the old shelf and want to have something impressive, try pallet shelves without any heavy flow of money. For this purpose, you need different things, including wood pallets, hand saw, nails and screws, screw gun, pencil, paint, hand drill and satin lacquer spray. Do not forget to buy the hardware hanging system, such as angle iron, hooks and brackets. Take rustic pallet skids and make cut marks to cut the wood from required places. You can use a handsaw to cut the pallet wood.

Two planks are required in this project, strip them to get desired lengths and sand down the pallet wood and stripped up the length to fix it near the bottom of the decorative shelves. You can place art pieces and antique pots, frescos and pictures. Use the nail gun to assemble the pallets across the boundary. You can use some glue to tightly bind the decorative shelves before using nails and screws. You may use a coat of polyurethane or any other varnish to give a stylish and durable look to decorative shelf for a long time. It will provide you additional storage space for different items of your house. It will be a great addition in your drawing room and living room.

Stylish rack for your drawing room and living room with the help of rustic pallet to display antique items.


Design Decorative Shelf with Pallet

Design Decorative Shelf with Pallet 2
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