DIY Garden Bench with Pallet


Ok, so after presenting you guys a number of pallet wood creations, I think this is some high time for a DIY pallet wood creation that would be a garden bench recycled with a shipping pallet. So as usual, when it comes to the supplies the only thing that we need primarily is the pallet wood. All of us have them in our backyards so grab a couple of fresh pallets, a staple gun, a miter saw, steel nails, glue, gloves and some other protective measures that would ensure your safety throughout the recycling process, so make sure before getting started.

Pallet garden bench

We are going to make this grand pallet wood bench, certainly we have to make the foundation of the bench first. You will have to follow this pattern like first dis assemble the pallets, now join multiple pallet planks is this pattern which makes a solid base for the pallet wood bench. The first one was supposed to be the middle leg or support, while the both on the sides have to be slightly different like these wooden boxes on side having three straight pallet planks fixed inside the wooden box, and this foundation is connected to the seating space.
diy pallet furniture diy garden pallet bench

The moment you are done with the three supports of the pallet wood bench, now you have to cut to size several pallet wood planks to make a proper seat of the bench covered with plain and straight pallet planks. While the back or rest of the bench would be made following the same pattern. Once you are done with the seat and the back, now lastly you have to fill in the gaps on both sides with some cut to size wooden covering sheets. This would end up making a perfect furniture item for your green landscape with the mere pallet wood.
Pallet Patio Bench

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