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After presenting a number of patio focused wooden pallet inspirations that included many furniture items and some décor inspirations too, we were having a massive feedback asking for a detailed DIY patio pallet floor plan. So as this forum is all dedicated to you guys and we try our level best to just bring those plans that are near to your interest. Here again we are bringing a wooden pallet repurposed patio flooring plan that would certainly be of the great use for the folks. So let’s have a detailed tutorial where we are going to elaborate each and every step in a detail.

outdoor pallet floor

We have selected this relatively narrower patio so first of all we have had to arrange for the supplies. We tried to manage to bring in some fresh wooden pallets so that it could be made one of the best wooden patio floors out of the wood pallet.
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So first of all we have covered the entire space with these specially designed sheets that could be purchased from any hardware store down town. They are specifically designed for the wooden flooring. They would level up the place and would absorb the adhesives in a much affective manner.
diy pallet flooring pallet floor outdoor diy

We can see some large bunches of pallet wood planks that are separated and placed here individually. So that is pretty clear that first we disassembled the whole bunch using a decent dismantler. Well, you could have your self prepared indigenous dismantler too, but this is necessary to save time.
diy recycled pallet floor diy upcycled pallet flooring

We have used here automated cutters and pry bars that are most advanced in technology and they are going to help us all the way long in the entire process. First of all we have to ensure that the cutting is done in a pretty perfect way.
diy wood pallet flooring diy wooden pallet floor

We just cannot use randomly cut wood pallet planks because to maintain a certain symmetry and pattern we have to focus on the sizing. Plus we also have to make sure that the pallet wood planks being used here are also similar in thickness too. So after all these assurances we finally started placing the pallet planks one by one.
diy wood pallet floor pallet flooring

We can see here that large portion of the patio has been covered with the wood pallet planks. Though there are some uneven passages where the pattern is being ignored but overall this gives a wholly acceptable and reasonable look.
diy patio pallet floor

Now there are two options left with you, you can use some high quality adhesive to paste these pallet wooden planks on the floor. You have to make a thick layer on each wood pallet plank and then place it back on the ground on the sheet we spread earlier. That would ensure the firm sticking to the ground.
diy reclaimed pallet floor wooden pallet floor

And the other option could be the staple gun where you just have to keep nailing each wooden pallet plank atleast on two points multiple times. This would be a much harder and raw way for the patio wood pallet flooring.
diy wooden pallet flooring

Both of these patterns have got their own advantages and disadvantages as well. If you are willing to give it a permanent place here then I feel the latter one is much suitable and practical option for you. Even we have used this method as this was much easier, less time consuming and also very solid.
patio pallet flooring

And finally we have stained the entire patio floor with a light grey shade that would look even better in the sunshine. We could have left it quite unfinished and unstained too, but this staining was done on purpose. Probably to enhance the outlook of the patio.
diy pallet floor idea

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