Function and Type of Pallet Racking

Pallet is a used to design different types of rack to get additional storage space in different manufacturing and retail settings.

Pallet wood is durable, therefore it is used to prepare different types of racks for the storage system to use in different manufacturing and retail settings. There are wide varieties of pallet racks that can be designed according to the cost, weight of material and available space. Pallet racking is used to form a shelving system for efficient storage of materials on different levels. Large retail stores use pallet racking as storage, because it is an efficient way to maximize the warehouse space. Instead of building an additional space for your warehouse, it will be good to consider pallet racking to maximize the potential of current space. It can be a great choice for your office to secure your important documents.

Pallets Racking

Pallet racking is available in a variety of configurations and style. It may consist of upright frames and cross beams. You can increase the number of shelves by installing additional beams of plywood and wire decking. Push-back pallet rack is one of the famous types of pallet racking for your storage area, as it provides two to five deep pallets for storage. Drive-in racks with slide back continuous rails is another option to allow a forklift truck to enter in the rack. Before adding any pallet storage system, it is important to identify the available space. It will enable you to consider different variations in the design of pallet racking.

Pallet Racking
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