Vertical Wall Planter with Pallets

Vertical wall planter can be designed with pallets to save your money. It is a creative choice to decorate your house with plants.

Vertical wall planters are specifically designed with the pallets and you can use them to enhance the beauty of your living room by adding plants even in the little space. The vertical planter is an ideal choice for the store, and you can easily make it with the help of surplus pallets. You can use reclaimed materials to make your pallet environment friendly. Wooden frame can be used for the designing of the vertical wall planter. There will be a space between the boards to provide an opening to plant in and the complete planter can be leaned against the wall to display beautiful green plants.

Pallets Vertical Planter

Use pallets of different sizes and join them together to design a vertical wall planter. It will modernize your home interior and the garden. Pallets like long stair will be given small rectangular shape and the metallic holding system is used to systematize the planter. You can place herb pots to make the atmosphere of your house environment friendly. The valuable planters are easy to design with the help of crumbled pallet and broken up wood.

Pallets Vertical Wall Planter

Pallets Wall Planter
Pallets Wall Planter – Images Via

The pallet wood of the barn and pine is really durable in nature, and you may find it a little bit difficult to work with pallet while removing nails and stripping it. You can easily make an alluring planter complimenting the outdoor front wall of your home.

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