Pallet Shelves with Wall Decor


It is very difficult to get a home built and to maintain it on daily basis is even harder. We spend a major chunk of our finances in building our houses, and we keep renovating and decorating them with equal intervals. This pallet recycling has made it all easy to make some practical furniture items and ofcourse some wall decor for your home. We have already tried and tested a number of wall decor ideas with wooden pallet. So in that very series of projects, we bring you pallet shelves with wall decor. As it is pretty clear from the name that it would be a shelf that would also compliment your room as wall decor.

Pallet Shelves Wall Decor

There can not be a material cheaper than the wooden pallets, nothing could be compared with the pallets. We find them easily just while hanging around, and they are also very easy and handy to deal with as well. So a typical wall shelf might be a superb storage hack plus a display centre of your house where you keep several decoration pieces, but this unique pallet shelf would also be used as wall décor, so basically this is a multi purposed wood pallet shelf.
Pallet Shelves with Wall Decor

Having a look on this adorable wooden beauty we find out that again the same wooden pallet planks are used in making this pallet shelf cum wall decor. Wood is known for its rustic color and it adds a lot to the aesthetic beauty of your home interior. Same feature is utilized here in a very best manner. Some old deteriorated planks are used in making shelf, then they are very well stained with dark brown color, and it is ready to be used. Place a pile of books in here, a room gas heater or some other decoration pieces.
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