Pallet Shoe Rack Cum Side Table


A man’s life is supposed to be disciplined and organized other wise there would be no difference between a man and animal’s life. Discipline is the basic distinction that separates the man from animals. I am although not that much disciplined and organized but my wife is pretty crucial in this matter. She loves cleanliness and arranged things. Here is a surprise article for all discipline lovers. Here we have brought you an inspiration of pallet recycled shoe rack cum table. This wooden pallet shoe rack could be used for dual purposes in your house.

Pallet Shoe Rack Plan

A shoe rack is obviously designed to give you the freedom to store your shoes in it so that your room is not messed up with the scattered shoes. How would be your first impression if you visit a house where all the shoes are messed up and scattered at the entrance, certainly very bad. So this is probably a must have for every house hold. This is not only stylish but also very spacious as well. So entire family at the same time can use this shoe rack, while its upper surface could be used as a table as well.
Pallet Shoe Rack Idea

If we look at the structure of this wooden pallet shoe rack cum table, we find that entire structure of the rack cum table is made by repurposing pallet wood only. Though some reclaimed wheels are also installed to make it movable so that you can drag it to the desired place. Shoe rack cum table made of plain wooden pallet planks also provide you some additional space on the upper most surface to use it as some table too. You can place some of your accessories here temporarily or even permanently. Use it according to your choice.
Pallet Shoe Rack Cum Side Table t Pallet Shoe Rack

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