Pallet Wood Kids Toys Shelf


My childhood memories are still afresh in my mind. I had a huge collection of toys mostly racing cars and colorful dinkies. I had immense love for the and always taken best care of them. Even I had them in my pockets and on my bed when I used to go for some sleep. Here is a great demonstration of repurposing pallet wood into some toy shelf. You can store and save your kid’s toys on it and keep them safe on this wooden pallet recycled shelf. This pallet wood shelf is just like a hanging shelf and could be installed on wall and it gives you the freedom to save and store the toys of your kids.

Pallet Kids Toys Shelf Toys Shelf Pallet Wood Kids Toys Shelf

This pallet wood project is made by some pallet crafter certainly. The one who loves recycling the pallet wood. Here you can see the back of wooden pallet toy shelf, the electrical wires are crossed all across the shelf to give some lighting connection to each bulb. While some additional wooden planks are also installed to make it more firm. The electric wires are spread so smartly that each bulb is lighting in well maintained sequence and the entire pallet wooden shelf is reflecting the light of bulbs. The bulbs are obviously installed to enhance the beauty of wooden shelf as if the toys are place on a toy shop counter.
Pallets Wooden Kids Toys Shelf

Now you can see this wooden toy shelf installed erect in the wall with all its glowing lights. Color for sure attract the kids. So this pallet recycled shelf in itself is a source of attraction and inspiration for your kids. Toys are placed on each tier of the shelf in a very well arranged manner. The kids room is not messed up anymore with scattered toys.
Pallets Kids Toys Shelf Kids Toys Shelf Wooden Pallet Kids Toys Shelf

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