Pallets Kitchen Wall Shelves and Chalkboard

Lots of Posts Today..well it’s Friday and I feel like sharing! So this is in my kitchen, I completed this about a week ago and the pallets kitchen chalkboard just this week. All pallets reclaimed wood and I just whipped the kitchen wall shelves together one afternoon when I realized my house does not reflect me at all or what I do. Like the mechanic who’s vehicle never gets fixed or shoe makers son who has no shoes. I had not a lot of my own home decor that I make on a daily basis. So I thought I really need to do something for myself. This was what I came up with. Wish I took the before, of course I forgot. Now all my baking needs are at hand and they look pretty to boot. So after that I was on a roll and I did some things in my bathroom as well as a large potting bench as I miss gardening and trying to get back into it. One always has to make time for themselves or we can go nuts always doing something for everyone else and never ourselves. So I challenge you all to do at least one thing for yourselves this weekend and if you want to share on this post what you have done or what you do, I would love to hear about it. Have a fabulous Weekend Everyone!

Pallets Kitchen Wall Shelves and Chalkboard Pallets Kitchen Chalkboard Pallets Kitchen Wall Shelves Pallets Wood Kitchen Wall ShelvesFrom: Barnboard & Pallet Creations / Furniture Transformations

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