Eco Friendly Pallet Works at Cafe


After an initial pursuance of economic friendly furniture items made using the wooden pallets, now has come the stage where we are planning to make eco friendly pallet wood furniture for a café. Making a wooden pallet furniture for a café isn’t something new in our journey, we have done a lot of work in making the commercial areas well equipped with furniture items. So here again we are reviving rather repeating our legacy of making some eco friendly pallet furniture for a café in downtown. You just stay focused and tuned while going through the article, it would benefit you a lot if you are a crafter.

Pallet Furniture at Cafe Front

By doing the wooden pallet recycling we are already doing some eco friendly act, as we support the slogan to stop cutting the trees and encourage the recycling of already available timber that has been dumped by us.
pallet furniture at cafe

By discouraging the cutting of trees we are doing something really great for the human beings. We want the greenery spread by trees to live on. That is actually what compelled us to start wooden pallet recycling. And this long journey has earned us a lot of respect and recognition for sure.
pallet powerd cafe

Just look at this lounge setting, there is a huge wooden pallet made couch that is covered with comforters and cushions to make it ultra luxury item. Some metallic pipes are also used as the arm rests in the article. Plus the centre wooden table is also praise worthy.
Pallet Wood Furntiure

The whole café seems like a display of some eco friendly furniture items and other fixtures. As here we see the wooden pallet furniture piled up in a place after being wrapped up. Smooth and straight wooden pallet planks are enjoined with metallic pipes and turned into amazing furniture items.
reclaimed pallet furniture at cafe

Look at these single couches, their seats are made using the raw wooden pallets, while the back and arm rests are made with the metallic pipes. The theme and idea in the furniture is just out of this world. And just by spending a little amount, an exceptionally great set up is made here.
Upcycled Tables

My goodness, how far you guys can go I just can’t believe it. I mean who on earth could deny the killing beauty of this pallet wood wall? No one ofcourse. Some straight pallet wood cut pieces are pasted along the wall in an uneven manner.
pallet creations at cafe

In the next scene, we see a strange pallet creation in the form of a table where straight pallet planks are simply piled up and put one on another. And the wall shelves carrying wine bottles are not less than an attraction.
Wood Pallet Counter at Cafe

And lastly we are switching towards the cabins where smart and shiny wood pallet slim tables are installed along the wall. And the reclaimed legs are made with the iron pipes just to make an impact and industrial look on the venue. The metallic chairs with pallet tables is a sweet amalgamation of style and charm for the juveniles and adults as well.
reclaimed pallet furniture upcycled pallet tables

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