Ideas for Pallet Garden


I think that a lot of work has been done on the ideas for pallet garden. We have had countless pallet garden ideas in many of our previous projects but this is the sheer importance of pallet gardens that compel us literally to keep bringing these ever new pallet garden ideas. This is just because the pallet gardens have various advantages associated with them. They are attractive, they are cost effective, and they provide us with all the desired space where we can plant various and shrubs that cat be regularly planted along with other common plants. So all the gardeners are welcomed to grab one pallet garden for them.

pallet herb garden

The very first wood pallet garden that we have presented here is made using the most deteriorated pallet wood, this is a large wooden pallet installation turned into a classic pallet garden. This is for them who are lagging some proper green landscape.
simple pallet garden

The next one is recycled with the intent to show you guys that even the beginners can also try making these pallet gardens. If they don’t want to go in the complexities, they can recycled this so damn easy pallet garden where we have simply painted the pallets and erected them with one another.
upcycled pallet garden

Now this is something amazingly different, the wooden pallet planks used in this pallet garden are a bit wider and thicker than the regular wood pallet planks. Its bottom is covered with a jute fabric and then it is filled with some fresh clay.
wood pallet garden Wooden pallet garden

This one could be named as a mixed idea where we have used the shipping wood pallet as the stand or base of the garden, and we have installed some plastic bottles recycled planters in this vertical garden. We painted the pallet as white just to make a contrast with the maroon wall.
Recycled Pallet with Bottles Garden

Well, this time we have gone a bit far. This is literally a wooden pallet recycled heaven where we can see multiple pallet gardens all around the scene. The entire wooden cabin is surrounded by the pallet gardens carrying annuals, shrubs and different herbs.
repurposed pallet garden recycled pallet garden

This could be named as the cocktail of plants where we have used various plants and flowers for the foliage. While the wooden pallet planter is a large and tall box shaped pallet garden made using some fresh wood pallet planks. Installed right in the middle, this is an attention grabber.
pallet garden with decor

We just thought that some of you might be interested in some multi purposed wooden items, so we planned to bring or recycle this wood pallet recycled couch cum pallet garden. This is certainly the finest wood pallet garden, the pallet planks are perfectly sanded and smoothened up, and the entire wooden beauty is a complete package of luxury and décor.
pallet garden with bench pallet garden projects pallet garden ideas

While the next are different pallet garden projects. We have used the shipping pallets in random manners, sometimes we placed them on the ground, sometimes one on another, and we turned them into a pallet wood garden. Design and shape them according to your choice and ease.
garden decor with pallet garden decor with pallet garden garden pallet ideas herb planting with pallet garden ideas for pallet garden pallet vertical garden simple pallet garden ideas Vertical pallet garden wooden pallets garden

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