DIY Wood Barrel Recycled Chair


Hello this is my latest DIY Wood Barrel Recycled Chair more cases to the feet and cushions lol but first I am happy !!! first taking a wood barrel.
Define the location of the seat and backrest perforated strapping under your markings and screw Wood barrel to hold the structure then cut the strapping above the marks and cut the barrel put a bracket to position the seat cut boards to the desired length for the seat and fasten the boards to the cleat and barrel rim Then put a cleat on the seat and place the planks of the barrel on the edge of the barrel to the folder location fix on the edge of the barrel and the cleat then draw a circle on the back and a good shot of jigsaw and hup the turn and play! By cons I dry foot, here I hope it s explanations are clear and desolate summers of oblivion.

DIY Wood Barrel Recycled Chair Wood Barrel Recycled Chair Barrel Chair Barrel Recycled Chair

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