Pallet Creations of Sandrine Matthew Dunez


We have recycled a huge number of pallet wood items that are the best part of our practical lives now days. Pallet bed, sofas, benches, coffee tables and what not is recycled with the wooden pallet. But today we are going to work on some special projects that belong to Sandrine matthew dunez that is specialized in the matter of pallet upcycling ideas. These Sandrine creations would be having their specific design and shape. As in the very first project we see a large pallet wooden cabinet having contrasting wooden doors giving it a unique look. This has plenty of space and could perfectly substitute a home shelf or conventional cabinet.

Pallet Creations

Here in the second project of Sandrine matthew dunes we see a delicate coffee table. Though it holds a common design in shape when compared to the conventional coffee tables. But there is something that makes it distinguished and different from the rest of the coffee tables. And this feature is its built in cabinet shaped empty spaces where you can preserve your house hold accessories. This is the specialty of Sandrine matthew creations that they prefer to design multi purposed projects.
Pallet Table Creation

While in last we come across a kids play house that is completely recycled with the wooden pallet. The entire structure of this Sandrine matthew kids play house creation is summed up as a pallet upcycling creation. This is more of a practical gift that would give your kids immense pleasure. Here they can build their own world and follow their own rules. A robust wooden pallet ladder is connecting the upper storey of the house with the ground floor which makes climbing easy for even the younger kids. Sandrine matthew dunez creatins are entitled to hold their individual designs and creations which a distinctive part of them.
Pallet Kid Playhouse Creation Pallet Planters Pallet Planter Creation Pallet Furniture in Garden

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