Reclaimed Pallet Side Table


The first look of wooden pallets reveal that they are ugly and cheap pieces of wood that most people would ignore for using for any sort of thing to be used. They’re just like adult Legos to be transformed into anything from the simplest to the most complex ones by putting together  minimal effort and time. The used pallets can be given a new shape by upcycling and recycling them for new and creative products. One such creative activity can be seen in the reclaimed pallet side table with steel legs. The table has drawers which can make it a desk too.

Pallet Side Table Ideas

The pallet side table is made from reclaimed wooden pallets having appealing finish with sanded edges. Its simplicity can be matched with any theme in indoor or outdoor setup to meet the pallet furniture needs.  This side table is amazing addition to any wall of living room by placing it beside sofa to give a rustic look. The table can be made from used and old pallets or mixing some new pallets to give a contrasting look. According to the available space in your home, the size of pallet side table can be increased. One can add storage spaces as drawers and shelves to the side table for making it more usable and keeping more decorative items.
Pallet Side Table

The reclaimed side table is provided with iron legs for maximum support and firm structure. This will be an added protection to your furniture. The reclaimed side table can be used to fit in your child’s room as study table. It can be accommodated in your living room to keep your decor items and save your essentials in the drawer. Due to steel legs the reclaimed pallet side  table with steel legs can hold your computer too. It can serve any purpose depending on the requirement.
Reclaimed Pallet Side Table Pallet Side Table Plan

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