Recycled Pallet Bed with Lights


While purchasing some wooden furniture items the thing that scares me the most is the wooden room bed, because the price sometimes goes beyond my imagination. So I just hate it when my bae asks me to change the room bed. But honestly speaking this is an old story. From a long time I have been recycling my home furniture items with the shipping wood pallet. As of now I almost have command on the pallet wood upcycling so I just keep making some crazy experiments as this recycled pallet bed with lights. Does it sound a bit crazy?

Pallet Bed Idea

I believe this might really sound like a crazy idea to many out there reading this article. But I also know that some of you are just super excited to explore this tremendous idea. They are really my type my crazy fellows. I was just so fed up making the regular stuff in the wooden pallet furniture items. So though to do something insanely crazy or just something breaking the stereotype image of the furniture items that we have presumed in our minds. So I think this is going to be great pallet wooden creation for your bed room.
Lighted Pallet Bed

The only thing that I would emphasize on is that you must be very cautious while making the selection of the shipping pallets, they should be pretty clean and fresh. On having a distant look we immediately realize that the shape is also exceptionally amazing. It has also got a stylish wood pallet recycled headboard. As far the lighting work is concerned, that is done throughout the structure, even the headboard is also stuffed with a lot of tiny bulbs to spread the light all around. This would look fantastic when the room light is switched off. Lastly the pallets used here are exclusively clean and fresh.
Pallet Bed Plan

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