Wood Pallet Solid And Heavy Coffee Table With Drawers


Ok. Now this one could sound like a wholly new wooden pallet project where don’t know what exactly is going to happen with wood pallet what techniques would be employed, what additional materials would be used bla bla bla… hang on, we are just going to make the same kind of pallet wooden creations that we have made so far countless times. The only thing that we must look into is the material that we are going to use. We just have to chose the relatively bigger and heavier whole shipping pallets that are made with thicker pallet wood planks, that’s it.

pallet coffee table with drawers

From the front view it seems like a decent indoor wooden pallet creation that can be used to serve multiple purposes. Well, I feel like it can also be used officially as the several drawers in it can be used for taking care of some of the important files and the record.
pallet coffee table

But don’t think and act so smart as this one is purely meant to be used domestically in a busy house hold. So the drawers again are going to be of great use here. We can see that entire space is utilized in the maximum.
recycled pallet table

See the top of the wooden pallet table, the planks used here were already pretty thick, we just had to smoothen them up and round the corners. Then finally ofcourse we did proper sanding that gave it an ultimate look.
upcycled pallet coffee table

Looking at it from all the angles and corners, I find it a decent and perfect wooden pallet creation from all the aspects. As it has got many features that usually can’t be found in common wood pallet tables. So this would be working as a whole storage hack option at your disposal.
wooden pallet coffee table

And the final thing that must be discussed here to do the justice with this wooden beauty is the quality of the shipping pallets that are used throughout the creation of the wood pallet recycled heavy table. They were ofcourse some of the finest shipping pallets that we actually ordered online and we were pretty satisfied with their condition.
wooden pallet tableCreated & Submitted by: Guam’s Pallet Gal & Guy

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