Wood Pallets Made Kids Chairs

These are kids chairs I made for awhile from pallets. I found more people wanted the stained chairs than painted which created a problem. Kids aren’t like adults in the way they use chairs. Kids use chairs for forts, vehicles, ladders, flip them on their side and turn them upside down. If you’ve even picked up a pallet, you know pallet wood has a LOT of potential splinters… paint helped seal but just staining meant every surface had to be planed or sanded or planed and sanded. I couldn’t bear to think of someones kid getting hurt because I short-cut on prep work. That’s a lot of sanding. It became labor-intensive and added too much to the price. So mainly I made them for kin folk as gifts that way I could explain to their parents that they needed to check the chairs occasionally for problems. I enjoyed making them and it gave me experience working with pallet wood.

Pallets Made Kids Chairs Wood Pallets Made Kids Chairs Pallets Kids Chairs Pallets Made ChairsThis work done by: Charles C Cooper

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