Recycled Pallet Moving Shelf


Recycling some routine wood pallet recycled wall shelves is just like a routine business for our fellow pallet wood crafters. But they just seemed to be bored and sick of these regular creations so they just wanted to do something exceptional. As you know that this is very much into the nature of the pallet wood crafters that they just can’t always be contented on the regular stuff, they always bother to make experiments and dare to do crazy stuff. So we ended up making this recycled pallet moving shelf. Have  a look on this, this would be a delighting experience for you guys.

reused pallet moving shelf

First of all have a distant look on the moving shelf. Apparently it looks like a regular wood pallet upcycled wall shelf that is all meant to carry some of the accessories and some decoration pieces as well. But a detailed view would tell you the whole story behind the idea.
wooden pallet shelf

We basically made some random squared open wooden pallet boxes that were shaped similarly but sized randomly. We shaped them alike as they were meant to be the part of the same wall pallet wood shelf. Secondly we didn’t stain them and kept in their natural rustic look.
Recycled Pallet Shelves

The main idea was that all the wooden boxes are attached through a hole to a metallic pipe that was fixed along the wall. All the boxes are passed through the iron pipe, and the holes have got some mild movable space, so all of the boxes can easily be turned all around.
Pallet Shelves Pallet Moving Shelf

Here we have shown some different postures that can be opted in this moving wood pallet wall shelf. They can be side to side, front to side, moved inside out, they can be twisted all together. So this is something exceptional, contradictory to the routine pallet wood creations.
recycled wooden pallet shelf ideas

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