Wooden Pallet Shelving Ideas


If we start talking about the importance of the wooden shelves, I think this would become a lengthy debate. Dating back to the vintage structures these wooden shelves are equally important even in today’s era as well. They are used in several ways but above all the most important task performed by them is that they provide us with additional storage and display space. We can place a couple of decoration pieces on them plus they are also an ideal storage hack as well. I think you guys are also interested to see wooden pallet shelving ideas right? I have got them right here.

pallet mirror idea

We normally prefer to make some exceptional wooden pallet furniture items that are not frequented so far or they are not typically designed as this wood pallet shelf is also pretty differently shaped. We installed a mirror inside making it an ideal wall installation to help you while combing your hair or putting on some make up.
pallet mirror plan

What about this pallet wooden repurposed wall shelf that is more of a decoration piece apparently? Well, being honest we didn’t focus much on the quality of the shipping pallets. For further beautification we installed a bulb inside the wall shelf.
pallet mirror with decor

In the washroom we need a number of accessories like shampoo, soap, cleanser etc etc. To take some best care of all of these accessories, I think a pallet wooden repurposed wall shelf would just be a great support. To have an ideal look at this vintage wood pallet wall shelf.
pallet shelf for bathroom

Sometimes you just need a wood pallet wall shelf for some specific purposes like you need to place a couple of decoration pieces on it, or may be you just want to install it inside the room just for the beautification, for this here is an ideal pallet wood wall shelf.
pallet shelving

This kind of wooden shelves are equally famous in the country side areas. People take it as an embellishment for their room interior and they ideally use it to display some of their best decoration pieces. But not necessarily, some common accessories might also be placed on the wooden shelves.
 simple rustic pallet shelf

As we said earlier that we usually focus on making some exceptional and unique wooden pallet furniture items. For instance here we see a beautiful wood pallet wall rack, made with some fresh shipping pallets this has undoubtedly added a lot to the beauty of the room interior.
unique pallet wood shelf

This one is probably inspired from the pallet wood wall cladding. We just used some random wood pallet planks here which are just randomly cut and they are simply pasted along the wall. By adding these greenery buckets we have turned it to be a vertical garden as well.
wall shelf from pallets

And finally this egg shaped pallet wooden wall shelf was made using the freshest shipping pallets that were available with us. And I believe this cautious selection really proved to be a great idea as the final wood pallet creation is so clean and spotless, this would look awesome wherever it is installed.
wood pallet heart shape shelf

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