Pallets Wooden Hanging Wall Shelf


The wall shelves are a best place to display your things. The hanging wall shelves are pretty different from the conventional wall shelves that are fixed and installed in the wall. Shelves give you the freedom to store and display some certain accessories you want to show off to your visitors. Such accessories include some stylish center pieces and decoration pieces. A hanging wall shelf can easily be installed and removed as well. This just lets you fill the empty space on the wall and not let it go wasted. Make your own stylish vintage hanging wall shelf.

Pallet is such a blessing for almost all the art lovers especially who love the wood work and wooden art crafts. Pallet inspite of being cheap in cost, gives you the quality recycled products which are also durable and cost friendly. We have turned the pallet in countless art crafts, made furniture items and what not, you just name it. Here is another luring inspiration to make a wooden hanging wall shelf which is neither hard to make, nor to install or fix on the wall. It would also cater all your needs of displaying different objects that you really want to show off.

In this plain pallet made hanging shelf, no special techniques or some rocket science is employed in its making. Just plain pallet planks are assembled together, and some additional fixtures like turned hooks are fixed on the upper surface certainly for hanging purpose. These stylish hooks are not mere tiny hooks, but have some metallic base that multiplies the beauty of hanging wall shelf. Now it comes to your choice whether you want to hang your ornaments on it, your long coat, car keys, or your lady’s ornaments whatever you want. They are going to look fabulous hanging on this pallet hanging wall shelf.

Pallets Wooden Hanging Wall Shelf Pallets Made Wall Shelf

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