Recycled Wooden Pallet Cooler


I am sure you would have heard about a water cooler frequently, but to your surprise, have you ever heard of a wooden pallet made cooler? Sounds strange? Well, no need to be astonished. This pallet thing is a blessing for all the art and craft lovers. It has got so much potential that we are still exploring it out. And taking up the case here, we just wondered to make an insane creation using the same pallet wood as it has become handy for us to collect a number of raw pallets from here and there. So this recycled pallet wood cooler would certainly be a new creation for many of the folks.

Pallet Cooler DIY

Now let’s begin with the wooden pallet recycling procedure where we are going to need some extra ordinarily fresh shipping pallets. But if you haven’t got them so fresh then you must be prepared to camouflage them nicely because this is going to be something related to the hygiene.
Pallet Cooler Idea

Talking about the hygiene, we must bear in mind that the shipping pallets are known to be carrying all types of materials irrespective of their nature. So before we pick the wooden pallet for making this cooler, we must ensure that they are not contaminated at all.
Pallet Cooler Plan Pallet Cooler Project

Contamination of the shipping pallets might cause some real damages to your health so this matter must not be neglected. Once you are equipped with required kind of shipping pallets then just start working on this beautiful and useful pallet wood creation.
Reclaimed Pallet Cooler

To make this proper pallet wooden upcycled cooler first of all you should have a proper insulator that is shaped like a cooler. As the wood isn’t an insulator itself so bear in mind that this is basically the cover of the insulator. So first make sure to grab a reclaimed cooler’s internal material in proper condition.
Repurposed Pallet Cooler

I think arranging for the insulator isn’t just a big deal, if you still find it hard you can order it online even from ebay, this is just a click away from you. After getting the one, start making the structure of the wooden pallet recycled cooler.
Wood Pallet Cooler

We made it in the finest possible shape being multi tiered. So it offers a lot of space plus a huge amount of water can be stored inside the cooler at a time, this would just work great while playing outdoor games.
Wooden Pallet Cooler

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