How to Make a Pallet Garden


If the headline has attracted your attention, then you probably have some old pallets lying around that are not being used right now. There are quite a few things you can do with pallets; with a bit of creative thinking you can make your very own pallet garden without any issues. You can grow quite a few plants that way in a very comfortable and useful environment that would allow you to handle it safely and productively. Let’s get started on the job with the following guidelines.

How to Make a Pallet Garden3

First of all you will need a few things to begin:
Burlap sheeting
Potting soil
Some spray paint
Hammer and scissors

The total cost of the job will be pretty low, since the necessary tools and more will be fairly cheap. In return you will get a lot of growing space you can rely upon with ease.

How to Make a Pallet Garden1

Painting the pallet
If you want to add a bit of style to your pallet planter, then you can make use of some spray paint, laying it down on the burlap sheeting you have. Brush it off with a wire brush or use your hand and you will have a nice, clean surface you can work with when the job begins. Give your pallet a few coats and let it sit out for about an hour or two so it can dry out completely.

Staple on the burlap sheeting
It will be pretty important to get this specific part right. The burlap will help keep the soil in the pallet, giving your plants and roots room to thrive and grow freely. If you don’t staple it well enough you may have leakage or you could just ruin your garden entirely. Begin with 4 to 5 inch spacing between each of the staples and enclose the pallet entirely. This will allow for a much easier gardening once you are done. You should leave one side of the pallet open to let in water and soil as needed.

Adding the seedlings and soil
You are almost done, as all you need to do is add your potting soil into the slats and to fill them completely. Leave the pallet in a horizontal position while you work, pouring in the soil in the process, as there will be nothing left to hold the soil in the pallet. After you are done planting, the roots will take hold, spreading out and creating a solid soil that will not fall from the pallet during gardening and landscaping.

How to Make a Pallet Garden2 How to Make a Pallet Garden1

Taking care of gardening
You should leave the pallet in a horizontal position for about two weeks while the plants are taking root. If you want to hang the garden vertically, you will need concrete screws or something similar to hold your new gardening area, so keep in mind the pallets will get really heavy. For a pretty affordable price you can have a really creative solution for your gardening, so get started today.

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