Pallet Cool Box


In every summer season we are advised by the doctors to drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. Because dehydration can cause a number of harms and complications. My fridge is always over loaded with fresh vegetables and fruits, beverages and other edibles so I do not find sufficient space for water bottles. So this year I am planning to make a wooden pallet cool box that would always provide me with some cold water to drink. I do not feel satisfied unless I do not drink cold water in the summer season, so I am always very desperate for real chilled water in the summer season and I also drink plenty of it. So I am having the plans of repurposing the wooden pallet in making of a cool box.

Pallet Cooler

Pallet once again is going to be the source of pleasure for you. This time it is going to serve you in the form of a cool box that would always be ready to serve you some real chilled water in the extreme summer season. So do not just go out in the market for buying some conventional coolers but make it at your own by upcycling the wooden pallet. You can paint it according to your choice. If you have plans to place it in your patio, paint it with some dark color that would look cool in the outdoor too.
Pallet Ice Chest

Look at the structure of this cool box. This table shaped cool box is having a chest like space in the middle for water storage, while it also has a tap from where you would get your glass filled. Entire body is made by recycling the pallets wood. This project took me a couple of days in making. And now I enjoy chilled water throughout the summer season.
Pallet Cool Box

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