Pallet Garden Fence with Planter


My green landscape is my most favorite place where I love to spend most of my time. I take all the pains in its maintenance and spend lot of bucks on its furnishing. There was a time when the expenses of its furniture and wooden work used to make big holes in my pocket. But since I have learnt some pallet wood recycling techniques, this recycling or repurposing of pallet wood have given a new charm and charisma to my green landscape. I have made many pallet wood recycled furniture items, wooden pallet planters and also used pallet wood in garden art. Now I have equipped my garden with the latest trendy pallet made fence along with some pallet planters. This pallet wooden fence plus planter is such a magnanimous addition to my garden. Almost every single visitor of my garden really adore this pallet art craft.

Pallet Garden Fence Planter

A garden fence is a vital part of a well managed garden. You can also buy some expensive market based fences for your garden, but I have employed the idea of repurposing the pallet wood into garden fence. Not only the fence but also some charming planters that are fixed along with the pallet wood fence. This awesome combination of recycled pallet fence plus planter has really multiplied the beauty of my garden. So pallet has made this wonder happen, I am always appreciated on this unique wooden pallet fence plus planter. This fence cum planter is a real master piece in my garden. I have designed it according to my choice and ease. I have painted it in chocolate brown color which is complimenting and contrasting the light colored flowers in my landscape. This repurposing has immensely inspired a close friend of mine and he has plans to make the same for his garden.

Pallet Garden Fence with PlanterCreations of: Salvo Licciardello

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