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Let me ask you guys a petty question, why wood pallet recycled planter is so important among all other wood pallet creations? Well, it can be answered in so many ways but the most important ones are like it is a substitute to the proper green landscapes because we make it pretty big. It can be used for the beautification of places wherever it is placed. It can be used to plant certain herbs and shrubs that can’t be planted with the regular annuals and plants. Plus this is also easy to make as it consumes the least timber and offers maximum utility.

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In this specific article we are not going to generalize it but we are going to mainly focus on a single wood pallet planter. We would be having a look inside the structure and design of the wood pallet planter. And the possible ways in which this can be put to use.
pallet planter ideas pallet planter plans

Before getting started with the project of the day, we have made sure that all the supplies are already here. We can see a couple of pot planters so this can clearly be concluded that wood pallet planter is going to be the base that would be carrying these pot planters on it.
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And coming towards the next one, this is more like a wooden wall shelf that is provided with all necessary features that make it a perfect wooden pallet repurposed planter. Again we have used some bushy and fluffy plants for the foliage here, and this can be seen that this is basically an installation for the decoration of the place.
Pallet Planter

This is basically a wooden ladder shaped wood pallet planter that is provided with different steps. And each can certainly be used to hang a certain amount of foliage stuff depending on your needs and plans. Such bushy and fluffy plants having large leaved plants is always preferred.
pallet planters Pallet Wall Planter

A part of that wooden ladder shaped wooden planter is just hanged on the wall. From here we can easily figure out the pattern that is followed in making this wooden pallet planter. It has got a metallic stand fixed in that is carrying the planter pot.
Recycled Pallet Planter

So we can say that the wood pallet planter is basically a support, and we have basically used a mud planter pot in here. But the foliage is all around the wooden fixture that makes it look like a unified object hanged as a wood pallet planter.
recycled wood pallet planter upcycled pallet planter

Though the wood pallet planter isn’t entirely made with the pallet wood planks, we have also used some other wooden left over planks that were reclaimed from another broken furniture item. Main pallet planks can clearly be seen in the foundation that basically gave us a go ahead.
upcycled pallet planters

While the rest of the wooden pallet planter is the amalgamation of reclaimed wooden slabs and skills of our pallet wood crafters. This bushy planter would just escalate the optic beauty of your patio or porch wherever you fix this planter.
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