Wood Pallet Horse Toy for Kids


So far, we are just going great with the pallet wood recycling ideas where we have made countless furniture items, we used them in garden décor ideas, we made several articles especially for the kids. This time we have come up with a new approach, we are intending to make a wooden pallet recycled toy for the kids. We remember those good childhood days when having a toy was the biggest happiness in life. We remember those wooden horses that we rode on, they are wiped out from the market because kids now days don’t like such old fashioned stuff.

pallet horse for kids fun

Despite of having the fear of rejection from the kids, we are still determined to recycle this wood pallet horse toy for the kids. No matter they like it or not, we are going to make it pretty flawless using the same shipping pallet wood planks.
pallet horse for kids

We remember the wood pallet rocker chairs, that we made especially for the outdoor spaces. Same approach would be applied on this kids wood pallet horse toy. We are going to shape it basically just like a horse to lure the kids, and paint it with some exciting colors.
pallet horse fun

To generate a fun aspect, we are going to make it a rocker chair that would be a fun activity for the kids. Because a mere wooden caricature can be no attraction for the kids, but when they would be using it as a toy or swing, they would be delighted.
pallet horse toy

So we designed it in a perfect manner, all the pallet wood planks are used in making the entire structure of this horse pallet wood recycled kids toy. A sloppy rocker is installed on the base, and it turned to be a perfect kids toy that can be placed inside the house.
pallet made horse recycled pallet horse for kids recycled pallet horse upcycled pallet horse wooden pallet horse

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