DIY Pallet Sofa Ideas and Plans


It is an open forum for all the pallet lovers to just come here, grab some new and aspiring ideas flourished here every day on regular basis. Pick your cup of tea and just buckle up to start working on that handpicked project. Keeping in view the craving and lust of pallet lovers for these ever new ideas, we are always determined to present you guys some of the finest pallet recycling ideas. Here we would be discussing a whole range of DIY pallet sofa ideas and several plans that would certainly add value to your homes.

pallet outdoor roof sofa

Look at this DIY pallet sofa plan. Here in each picture you could clearly observe all the procedures carried out in the execution of this pallet sofa recycling plan. Above all other matters, wooden pallets are pretty prominent here as they are the soul of the project. The entire sitting arrangement with a twelve seated huge pallet wood sofa along with a delicate centre coffee table is made using the raw pallets by some real crafter who is a go getter man. This arrangement is an ideal scenario in any huge patio or garden. An instant relief to the sitting issue.
DIY Pallet Outdoor Sectional Sofa

The next one is  also a patio sitting arrangement. Though the patio area is relatively smaller here so we have made the pallet sofa plans according to the available space.  It is pretty obvious that prior to getting started a complete feasibility plan and measurements are finalized and then the plan is executed. So the sofas recycled here are four seated which are capturing lesser space and the middle pallet wood coffee table is also little smaller in size so that the place do not look congested. Bright white color is adding more charm to the entire setup in daylight.
DIY Pallet Sofa

Most of these pallet sofa projects are done for the patio. Here is a straight and simple sitting plan having a five seated pallet sofa along with a simplest pallet wood coffee table. The pallet coffee table is pretty low in the stature matching to the pallet sofas around it. The same pattern is followed in both the pallet wood articles. And they are just left unstained in their natural rustic color which is an excessively intense feature of this pallet wood sofa.
Sofa Made with Recycled Pallets

The next one is a pallet wood sofa cum day bed right below a gigantic umbrella.
Patio Sofa wiht Wood Pallets

Wow, simplicity holds its own specific charm. I mean you do not need pomp and show always, sometimes just let the simplicity show its impact which is louder and clearer as shown here in this pallet wood sofa plan. This industrial sitting plan is an ideal one for patio space.
Pallet Sofa with Lights

Well, the next one is much closer to a vintage sitting style. The pallet sofa plans recycled here are much like the vintage sofas used in the past decades. These pallet sofas contain a stylish planter right at their back make them more full of life and exciting.
Pallet Sofa with Back Planter

Here we come across a decent corner sofa. And in order to make it look decent, the color scheme used here is also pretty appropriate for a decent pallet wooden sofa. This five seated pallet sofa plan contains the matching cushions according to the room paint color and interior.
Pallet Sofa Project

There is just no limit to the ideas for actual pallet crafters as we can see some very fine lighting installations fixed inside these pallet wood sofas which are an additional feature to make the appearance more louder and impact full. An ideal sofa plan for indoors as well.
Pallet Corner Sofa

This pallet wood sofa plan is literally taking my breath away. I mean there just can not be a better option for a spacious patio than this pallet wood sofa project. This rustic pallet corner sofa is a wooden beauty that would immediately grab the attention of all the visitors all at once.
Pallet L-Shaped Sofa For Patio

Wohoo… this one seems to be an arrangement for a spacious auditorium inside a lavish house. The entire sitting arrangement recycled using the wooden pallets is just more than enough to cater the sitting needs of entire family. The whole pallet sofas on back with further extensions are complimenting to the atmosphere.
Pallet Movie Theater Sofa

Pink is an enlightening color for sure. So the pink cushions are used here in this pallet sofa plan which is a superb combination for outdoor sofas. Its soothing effect makes the atmosphere more exciting and encouraging. Straight and simple pallet wood sofas are the main theme in entire set up.
pallet sofa ideas

This DIY pallet wood sofa plan is just meant to make your life more easy and comfortable. As the corner couch or sofa recycled here with the wooden pallet is a blend of decency and style at the same time. Making your patio look a heavenly space.
pallet sofa ideas with side planters

This is the one I have gone for in last summer pallet sofa project. As it was quite appropriate according to my available space. Mere straight wooden pallets are assembled together like a whole range of comfortable sofas. It was so damn easy to make as I was having the pallets in bulk.
pallet patio sofa

This DIY pallet sofa plan is entitled to give your room interior a whole new dimension. It feels like just a bunch of wooden pallets it simply put one on another, they are well sanded and stained ultimately. Their color is so eye catching.
Pallet Sofas

This is again a conventional five seated pallet sofa plan. In this DIY project you are going to get enough of pallet wooden beauties to make your place very well equipped with the necessary sitting arrangement. It would also save you a lot of bucks that you could spare for some other daily needs.
Pallet Sofa with Coffee Table

Finally this DIY pallet wooden sofa project is the most elegant having a holistic approach. As it is pretty spacious to cater the entire family at one place. All of these DIY pallet sofa plans are pretty workable and they are being tried and tested by our fellow art crafters.
Pallet Corner Sofas

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