DIY Patio Decoration with Pallet Planter


In this DIY patio decoration project we are going to introduce you with some of the basic techniques which you might use while making a pallet planter. A pallet planter is a conventional form of a vertical setting in which you install a number of planting pots along the wall. So this is a must have for all the art lovers to be installed right inside their home. This patio decoration is very cost effective and also very handy to make, so you can not just ignore making this wooden beauty for your home interior.

DIY Patio Decoration with Pallet Wood Planter

Now getting started with the procedure, first of all we need a bunch of some fresh pallets ranging from six to seven in numbers. Mostly the pallets would be used as whole throughout this patio decoration project, while an additional pallet would be collected to disassemble it and its planks would be used in joining the pallets. Other than pallets you need a number of some basic tools, a bucket of varnish or stain of your favorite color, high quality glue and some nails for sure. This is our domestic area where we would be making or recycling this patio decor idea with wooden pallets.
DIY Patio Decoration with Pallet Planter

The wall of this tiny room would be used as the basic support of this patio decor installation. First of all join two equal wooden pallet together with some fine nails and glue, and make sure they are bond and joined so firmly that they do not get separated. Using the same pattern install another pair of pallets one on anther. You can use the wooden planks of additional seventh pallet in supporting and joining the pair of pallets. The moment this tall structure is erected, fix some supportive wood pieces on the ground to make the base more firm.
Pallet Planter

Now use some wooden ladder to paint all the wooden layer of pallets. Paint them in some dark brown shade and be careful while mixing the colors and take all the precautionary measures like wearing some goggles and putting on gloves on hand. The moment staining is done, now start fixing some tiny pots along the pallet planks. Tie them up with some metallic chicken wire so that they do not just fall down. Decorate it with bunches of green plants as well making it look like a perfect patio décor pallet planter. You can also use some ceramic pots as well.
Pallet DIY Patio Decoration

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