Pallets Wood Made Podium

Here is our version of a pallets wood made podium. Teacher’s we know you use them, maybe even our Home schooling parents might like one. The dimensions are 51″ from the highest point on the top to the ground. The lowest point from the top to the ground is 44″. The patterned top is 26″ wide and 18″ deep. It does have a book guard on the bottom to hold your books/pens/pencils in place. The base is 21″ long and 12″ wide. There are 3 “cubbies” on the inside to hold some smaller items. We are selling this piece for $65 stained, $55 “naked” and $75 painted and stained.

Pallets Wood Podium Pallets Wood Made Podium Pallets Made Podium Pallets PodiumFrom: Neaves’ Pallet Creations and More

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