Pallet Chest Cum Dog House


Wow, that is the reason I just love my fellow pallet wood crafters. I mean who on planet earth would have thought of making a dual purposed wooden creation like this which would be a pallet wood chest, and would also be designed in a manner that it could be used as a dog house. Isn’t that smart? Absolutely, this is so smart. This would save a lot of your time, money and the timber that is certainly the shipping pallets that you have already piled up in your backyard. So this pallet chest cum dog house is an exciting project to work on.

pallet chest or dog house

A few among you might get nervous that how exactly this is going to happen, so to answer them I would like to draw a comparison between the dog house and pallet chest. Well, both of them are rectangular shaped, mostly made of the wood, one additional provision is a netting front door that is provided for the ventilation for the pet. That is I think the only difference that makes them both a different entity. We would make certain arrangements that all the essential features of dog house and a pallet wood chest would be provided in this wooden item.
wood pallet chest

You guys can clearly see that we have added a netting front door for the ventilation of the pet, while the rest of the structure is just like a perfect wooden pallet repurposed chest. It has got a huge door on the top that can be opened and closed when you have to put inside some accessories while using it like a wooden chest. And if you have plans to use it for your pet, then you can use the smaller front netting door for the entrance and exit of the pet.
recycled pallet chest

pallet chest ideas

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