Recycled Wood Pallet Planter Ideas


A wood pallet planter is such creation which always plays a dual role. Meanwhile when it is used as a gardening objects to plant in our favorite annuals, herbs and shrubs that are ideally grown in planters, this also could be counted as a decorative measure too as the creations of the pallet wood are not that regular and typical, they really create a mesmerizing impact and immediately grab the whole attention of the visitors as this happens to be something new for many. Here we have brought a whole range of recycled wood pallet planter ideas, make your pick from here.

Recycled Wood Pallet Planter Ideas

These ultra large wooden pallet planters are actually the smart containers that give you a whole large space where you can create yourself styled green patches planting your desired flowers. The wheels on the base would help with providing them with controlled sun light amount.
pallet mobile planters

No pallet wood planter could be simpler than this one, you know what exactly we did here? Well, actually we did nothing like we just filled it with some fresh clay by blocking the lower open spaces, stained it with dark brown shade and just planted the favorite green leafy plants.
little pallet planter

This gigantic wood pallet planting hub is again the blessing of same ordinary material. This entire box was made using some slim and straight wood pallet planks. So we just disassembled a couple of pallet wood planks and we turned them into this smart pallet wooden planter that is so much spacious and stylish as well.
wooden pallet recycled

Wall pallet wood planters are another smart creation that take only the pallet wood and nothing else unless you are not compelled to change the outlook. We simply combined some cut to size pallet wood planks and also attached some extensions that are actually going to carry the conventional planter clay pots.
wood pallet pots shelf

This is again a wall pallet wood planter but the scheme here is entirely different from the last ones as some uneven pallet wood planks randomly cut are attached to each other making an attractive sequence. And the box shaped extensions as the planters themselves.
wall decor art with pallets

These cubical pallet wooden planters are apparently so huge, but basically there is only a slim patch of empty space that would be filled with the clay and only a slim single leafy plant would be installed inside it. They are definitely the best garden décor ideas too.
Triangle Pallet Planters

If your balcony is so spacious and also having some vacant corners that are not captured by some wood pallet furniture items, you can make the best use of these corners. Make a huge wood pallet planter and install it right there. This is an ideal situation for them who always want to see the greenery all around them.
recycled wood pallet planter

And finally this gigantic wood pallet planter that is more similar to the pallet wood wall cladding. The good thing here is that all the extensions cum planters are made in different shapes just to create and appealing touch. The best reflector of your aesthetic and art sense.
pallet wall planting pallet wall planters

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