Garden Pendant Made with Pallets


The word pendant is basically derived from the Latin word pendere which means hand down. So it could safely be perceived that anything hanging down could be named as pendant. But typically this word is used for a specific ornament that is worn on hands or even in the neck. But here we are talking about a different pendant, a pendant for garden that is recycled using wooden pallets. You would have realized after having a look on the demonstration that this garden pendant is basically a wooden pallet vertical garden usually made for the beautification of the garden.

Pallets Garden Pendant

A green landscape is a place that gives you some of the best moments. My garden in my most favorite place in my entire premises. This gives me overwhelming happiness while sitting in my garden. There have been a number of garden beautification plans in our website. So this garden pendant is also basically a garden beautification plan. This pallet wood garden pendant is a sort of ornament for the green landscape. Though this vertical garden is also used as full fledge alternate of a garden. But here in this project we are going to recycle this wood pallet pendant for the beautification of our garden.
Pallets Garden

There are some plants and shrubs that require some special treatment, they just can not be planted away in a regular garden but they need some special care and treatment. So this garden pendant is also very useful for those shrubs and plants. Nothing additional is used in making this pallet wood garden pendant. This multi layered wooden garden pendant has huge capacity to carry a large number of planters. Plus its rustic look is undoubtedly a genuine element of beautification. This is also a sign board depicting the start of your green landscape from this pendant to onwards…
Garden Pendant Made with Pallets

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