Custom Made Pallet Coffee Table and Nightstands


This is the very prime quality of the wooden pallet projects that we can customize all the projects accordingly. We can shape and mold them according to our desire and the area that is available with us. We can stain them according to our choice plus we can introduce all the required features that are necessary. For instance here are a couple of custom made pallet wood coffee tables along with the nightstands. Both of the furniture items are needed in every house hold. We have brought a couple of customized wooden furniture items that would give you the entire idea how they are made and how actually they work.

Pallet Coffee Table and Nightstands

First make a discussion on this wooden pallet nightstand. It has got a pretty conventional design that is frequently used. It has got a flat top along with ample storage space below the wooden pallet nightstand top.
Pallet Nightstands

On having a distant look we can also have a look through the stain that we have used here. This is basically the varnish that is sprayed from an automated bottle from a little distance. And this looks pretty amazing on such wooden pallet creations. So we customized it according to our priorities.
Pallet Coffee Table with Side Table

Here we see a grand wooden pallet upcycled coffee table. This is exclusively big with a grand trunk on the base. Though the trunk on base isn’t closed the way it happens to be, still it has got pretty spacious area which can be used as a smart storage hack as well.
Pallet Coffee Table

We have kept all three wood pallet coffee table and nightstands with one another in the line. This is meant to show you guys the color scheme that we have applied on these custom made pallet creations. On the coffee table we gain resorted to the spray paint.
pallet furniture Pallet Wood Table

Having a look on all three wooden pallet creations we realize that the wood pallet selection in this project was very smart. Though a couple of broken ones were also there but we just managed to camouflage all the ugly scars and marks and we did it in a pretty professional manner.
Reclaimed Pallet Furniture Recycled Pallet Coffee Table Upcycled and Polished Pallet Furniture

The overall design that we pursued here has got so many advantages. This custom wood pallet nightstand is a perfect side table that can be used beside the room bed. Plus the storage space that it offers is a great incentive for all.
Wooden Pallet Side Table

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