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This distinguished platform was dedicated for the wood pallet recycling ideas. We have organized each wood pallet work in a very systematic way, we have done a very cautious classification of all of the wood pallet projects. We have focused on each and every portion and segment of the houses, restaurants and offices. Some ideas were designed for indoor and some were especially designed to be used outdoor. Here is another range of wood pallet recycled furniture items that would just look great outdoors. We have gathered here all the variety of wooden pallet furniture items, they are presented here so that you guys can have a basic idea.

pallet cable reel furniture

Along with the shipping pallets, we have also used some other wooden objects in various projects over the period of time like large wooden cable reels, this classic wood planter is made with the same wooden cable reel.
pallet cable reel planter

Here again we have bothered to put in use the same wooden cable reel that I had collected from a construction site in the industrial area. I got it pretty free of cost then I did some basic recycling procedures on it and turned it into a decent outdoor wooden table.
pallet cable spool decor table

This whole outdoor set up is the reflection of some smart wooden pallet repurposed ideas. The entire wooden flooring on the ground, and the wooden pallet couch is meant to provide you guys with a decent outdoor sitting area. And this idea really did a great job as it has got an ideal atmosphere.
pallet garden deck

This is another exquisite artistically designed wood pallet upcycled sitting arrangement. One thing is pretty evident that most broken and deteriorated wood pallets are used in here, still it makes a perfect and comprehensive sitting space. Huge wooden couches along with the wood pallet coffee table are just more than enough for your outdoor sitting needs.
pallet garden furniture

Well, this one could be taken as a wood pallet garden and we have also prepared a mini swimming pool especially for the kids inside the mini garden. And the wooden fencing used all around is all made with the wood pallets.
pallet garden idea

Wood pallet wall cladding is one of my most favorite recycling ideas. Though it takes a lot of time, cutting has to be precise and accurate, we also have to bother about the collection of fine shipping pallets, the adhesive used should be of high quality and upto the mark.
pallet lounge

In this project, floral work is dominant in the entire scene. And the second most important and prominent thing is the wooden pallet recycled furniture ideas. The wood pallet couches along with the wooden flooring is all done with very smart and fresh shipping pallets. While the wood pallet planter in the middle is an extra incentive.
pallet patio furniture

A raised garden is needed the most when you are not provided with a proper green landscape and you are also lagging a piece of land for this, in this situation these raised wood pallet gardens would play a perfect role.
pallet raised garden ideas

A raised garden has so many benefits for the gardeners. This can be understood by the one who is very much into the gardening activity. He would just consider it to be a blessing for him. Especially when he is planting his favorite herbs and shrubs in this raised wood pallet garden.
pallet raised garden

A vertical garden would give you all the freedom to use it to serve some multiple purposes. This can be used to plant mere plants, plus this can also be used as a decent garden décor idea or wherever you place this wooden installation. Here we used some cute metallic flower buckets hanging on the wood pallet planter.
pallet wall planter idea

This reclaimed wood pallet dog house was made all away from the main premises into the isolation. It has got so many benefits. This is a full fledge shelter for your beloved dog, and he would be safe from all the external perils.
reclaimed pallet dog house

As the title of this wood pallet range was supposed to be the outdoor items that is why we have just focused on the wood pallet creations that can just be used outdoors. Many of them are just so damn easy that you can recycle them in a day or two maximum.
reclaimed pallet planters

This sort of wood pallet planters are seen in lavishly managed commercial places. These thick and robust wooden planters are made with the finest wood so that they may live for some longer periods. But we have made them all using the same timber that we have used so far successfully.
recycled pallet planter idea

A wooden box when shaped properly can be used in your desired way. A couple of wood pallet creations follow the same kind of pattern and they can be used for multiple tasks. Like a wooden rectangular box could be used as a pallet wood planter and a raised garden as well.
recycled pallet planter

This is another example in this regard. This large wooden coffin shaped pallet wood planter can also be used as a raised garden where you can plant some herbs that you have to use in some of your favorite recipes.
upcycled pallet planter

Pardon me for the wooden couch isn’t that much clearly visible, but this can easily be perceived that this is an elegant wooden couch made using the wood pallet. You must also consider the wooden flooring that we did with the shipping pallets that were left with because they were broken and deteriorated.
wood pallet deck

How long would you go in taking care of your pets? You just don’t need to get worried for a dog house if you are a wood pallet crafter and gusty enough to draw the feasibility and work on it personally because it is not going to take anything other than mere shipping pallets.
wood pallet dog house

And finally this special wooden pallet upcycled planter was made for a countryside restaurant. And the owner of the place was so much obliged to our wood pallet crafters as he was so damn happy with the idea. Not only this made a planter, but also a decoration piece for his outdoor area.
wood pallet planter wooden pallet planter

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