DIY Pallet Planter Garden Decor


Have you ever made some art crafts by recycling or repurposing some pallets? If not then I would strongly recommend you to make some wooden pallet projects by upcycling them to some practical art crafts. Here is a DIY pallet planter project which is meant to decor your garden. We have already given you countless ideas for the beautification of your garden by recycling pallet wood. Buck up to try this project in your domestic work shop. All you need to get started is a couple of raw pallets, some basic wood work tools like hammer, miter saw, nails, glue and some other general accessories of wood work.

Pallet Planter DIY Pallet Planter Garden Decor

First of all cut a pallet in half and obtain two equal pieces. Now remove the additional external planks, these two equal pieces are going to make the upper tiers of decorative planter. While the second pallet should also be cut to size to match double the width of upper tiers. The lowest surface of pallet is made of a full pallet. The moment you are done with making the three tiers of decor planter, now comes the segment of fixing three tiers on equal intervals vertically making a declining slope.

Pallet Planter Garden Decor

Fix the three tiers with a couple of robust straight wooden planks by nailing them firmly and vertically, and also fix some additional planks sloping outward and covering the ends of all three tiers making it a two way fixture to ensure its firmness and durability. The moment three tiers are fixed firmly, you are all set to place it in the garden. You can place some china ceramics, some crystal glass vases, and some wooden buckets containing some tiny shrubs or plants. Make it as much colorful as you can. This is a kind of statement for your landscape.

DIY Pallet Planter

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