DIY Pallets Big Bar Counter


Creating a big bar made of pallets wood would surely be a larger project but it is not very hard to do. Pallets recycled DIY ideas are here for you to let you make such a big wooden project with pallets wood. This big bar counter can be used as outdoor bar, barbeque bar, coffee and ice cream bar etc. However, you need to learn some handy and carpentry tips to make pallets big bar counter at somewhere outdoor.

  • First of all, do some paper work or visualize the structure of your bar you are going to construct with pallets wood.
  • Availability of pallets wood must be second step in this regard; collect some reused pallets of good quality and assemble it.
  • Start jointing pallets wood to construct 3-4 separate pallets bar boxes and place them at distance of each other as you can see in the picture.
  • Then prepare pallets made wooden boards and place them between each pallets bar box to make the complete counter bar.
  • Some decorative art work is now applied on ready big bar counter; you can also do so using your creative decoration and designing skills. It would be easy for you.
  • In visual tutorial, you can see the final look of pallets big bar counter made out of pallets wood.

This is the way you can make a very stylish and best accommodative pallets big bar counter at somewhere outdoor to let people enjoy their different things like Barbeque etc.

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