Recycled Wood Pallet Shelves


This whole article is going to be dedicated to the pallet wood recycled shelves, does it sound great? I think this is going to be very exciting for all of you guys because these wooden pallet shelves have got the dual nature. They can be used as a storage space, plus if they are made beautifully they make the best décor item in the room interior as well. We are going to make them in many shapes, sizes and dimensions. The designs that universally applicable in all house structures. So this won’t be hard to pick one out for your house matching with your room interior.

pallet shelves and hanging idea

This very first pallet wood upcycled shelf is dedicated to the kids. We have made these wooden wall shelves with the crates. And to make it look prettier, we have painted it with the most attractive color for the kids. All the kids related stuff is placed inside it.
pallet shelving idea

I never thought that this much huge and gigantic pallet wood cabinet is going to be used ever, for mere spices and some other grocery items? This is exactly what I call the pallet wood extravaganza I mean just imagine if you were to order this in the market, you certainly would have never done it.
pallet storage cabinet

This whole room seems to be inspired form the artistic installations like we can see the wall mirror, the furniture item kept there, so the wooden pallet wall rack was also made pretty accordingly according to the atmosphere.
recycled pallet hanger idea

While this is simple piece of wood pallet recycling work. The disassembled wood pallet planks made wall rack is sanded very smartly, the design despite of the common material that is the cheapest one is selected very smartly and on the end the color scheme was also made after a lot of discussion.
recycled wood palletshelf

Are you wondering that where exactly you are going to place a lot of photo frames that you have got in your collection and you also want to make them look pretty prominent right? I think there can’t be a better option than this rustic wood pallet wall shelf for the whole of your collection.
shelving with pallets

Art is defined in a certain way which says or explains that art is not something that is common and gets mingled and lost in what it has in its surroundings. But it is known to stand tall and pretty prominent, just like this rustic wall shelf.
vintage pallet cup shelf

This sort of wooden racks are needed in every house. They serve a certain cause. Like we need it when we have just got inside the room and want to place our cap on it, or some umbrella that we were carrying outside. Or may be sometimes the car keys as well.
wood pallet coat and key hanger

And this is probably the best demonstration by a smart carpenter who has literally tried to show that each and every wood pallet plank makes a difference. This depends on your creativity and smartness that how exactly you plan to use it in your project like here a couple of straight pallet planks made a wall shelf.
wooden pallet shelf

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